Our Purpose

Who we help?

Global Gardens of Peace has a strong philosophy in approaching projects from an apolitical and non- religious perspective.

Our aim is to help marginalised and vulnerable communities from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our landscapes focus on both promoting healing and personal development of individuals and families. What our landscapes have in common is the recognition of the power of plants to change lives whether it is through the enhancement of wellbeing through designed gardens, promotion of natural playspaces for children or landscapes that use plants for reinforcing cultural practices.

For some people it may be a project that addresses recovery from economic loss, natural disaster or warfare. However, it could also be working with communities that have lost significant cultural, social and spiritual identity. Other initiatives may include supporting groups of people residing within communities who may require special care and can go hidden and forgotten.

How we help?

Projects will be selected by the Global Gardens of Peace committee and assessed according to local need for green space; demographic profile and perceived economic, health, social, environmental and sustainable value to the community.  Each garden site identified is done so after thorough research and involvement from the local community, municipality and government to ensure its long-term sustainability. GGOP is working in collaboration with international organisations and foundations to provide employment and educational opportunities.

Following the construction, an ongoing management strategy will be established in conjunction with the host community that will seek to incorporate education, employment, health and financial benefits to ensure the garden’s benefits will be sustainable.

Each project will be funded through government support, fund raising activities, donations and sponsorships. While this is an Australian initiative, Global Gardens of Peace encourages an international and local collaboration to achieve positive outcomes for the recipient communities.

Why a Garden?

Humans are hard wired to seek the restorative qualities provided by green spaces. Studies have shown that contact with green space, such as gardens, provides multiple health benefits including psychological, social, physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural. Due to the healing properties of green space, we believe that these living landscapes play an important role in rebuilding and uniting vulnerable communities around the world.

Green space offers preventative and supportive remedies to issues affecting our health and as such, free and ready access to green space is essential for our holistic wellbeing. A garden space is an effective linkage for a variety of essential services such as schools, medical facilities and housing to service the growth of a healthy community. It can be the centre for training and skills development, employment growth, improvement of mental and physical health, and the strengthening of individual and community resilience.

GGOP gardens will allow users to Heal, Grow, Restore and Connect. Our restorative gardens will be designed to provide benefits to diverse populations with different needs and encourage both passive and active involvement. In project development, gardens and other plant-based landscapes might be overlooked for other important elements, however they should be viewed as living infrastructure and a critical part of a complex matrix that integrates a range of humanitarian benefits to rebuild vulnerable communities.

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