Gary ChanBoard Member

    A highly skilled professional with substantial expertise in international relations, cross-cultural bridging and engagement, and strategic network development and design. Gary holds a BSc (Hons) (Immunology) and has over 45 years of experience across the sectors of Community Development, Arts and Cultural Development, Government Relations, and NGO relations, Australia and worldwide. Gary has undertaken multiple projects through UN Volunteers and is a Board Member and advises several not-for-profit organisations with active interest across Oceania, South East Asia, North Asia, Pacific Nations, EU-designate countries. North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. He is Co-Founder and Chair of Energy Circle Holdings Pty Ltd, is an Advisor to AfrikaRudi NGO, FIT Cambodia, and EcoCARE Pacific Trust, and is a Strategic Advisory Council Member for the Sir Horace Kadoorie Youth Development Foundation.

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