Green Thumbs for Peace

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We are very excited to launch our new initiative ‘Green thumbs for Peace’.

The aim is to achieve 1 million green thumbs, we have 18 only 999, 982 to go.  Our first milestone is 100 green thumbs. 

The How – this is all about the ‘SELFIE’  – get all your friends, family and colleagues into one or many photo’s  with their thumbs up – each person in the photo donates $10.00 towards Global Gardens of Peace which will #makeadifference to the lives of people in communities that are trying to re-establish after significant hardships across the globe.

Once you have your photo upload it to as we want to go VIRAL with our cause or alternately you can email the photo to [email protected] , which will then be uploaded to our website and facebook page

Our #hashtag  for the initiative is #peacethumbs

The donation from each participant can be paid into the following bank account:


Account name: Global Gardens of Peace

BSB #033270


or you can donate via our website and follow the donate link

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